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  • Fecha: 05-04-2024
  • Palomar Abogados


Palomar Abogados recovers for its client the integrity of 5.990.-€ that had been stolen due to a bank phishing
Bank customer, after suffering a scam of 5.990.-€ in her bank account, entrusted her case to Palomar Abogado.

A cybercriminal, after getting client´s  personal credentials through deceitful performance, used her debit card by making several illicit purchases.

Palomar Abogados took over the legal issue, and initiated a claim against the bank, which consisted as a first step on sending an our-of-Court letter demanding the money refund on the ground that Banco Santander had held a breach in its security sistem.

As a result of our amicable letter, Banco Santander paid the money bank to its clien; that is, affected customer recovered the whole 5.990.-€-amount.

Attached you can see the notification whereby Banco Santander commits to "close the file" and pay back the 5.990.-€.

Palomar Abogados has thorough expertise en phishing bank procedures. Recently we had an interview in CADENA SER radio channel in which we explain main characteristics of this legal matter; you can hear it by clicking this link


Contact Palomar Abogados now. Rely on us. We will help you recover your money.

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